Wednesday, May 18, 2016
ok, how are you all? I am better now! Not that better but better from I have been. I got diagnosed with Hashimoto's last year on March but before that I have been on a kind of a roller coaster of emotions,feelings and now acceptance that our lives can change in a minute and many times we take a lot of things for granted,then we get hit with a ton of bricks and we are confronted with a new reality. I have learn how to cope with anxiety,depression and all the types of illnesses and things that can come with an autoimmune condition. I might have Lupus,too. But all in all, I have my faith, my family with me and that's all I need. That's why I have just been doing some crocheting not as much crafting but was able to work on something last year. I will upload pictures later. Things have changed,not for better or worse, just changed. I had to take the time to research and learn about this condition and I have been able to at least keep the symptoms at bay. I am not cured. Autoimmune illnesses have no cure but at least I have learned to lessen some of my symptoms and for that I am thankful, still going to the doc for lab works and all that kind of things. So I will update this blog as I go. I have learned to take things one day at a time, so I now, pace myself. And that's the reason I have been away from my blog. Thanks for looking at it and wish me the best,if you pray,please say some prayers for me,too...... see you all soon  ♥