Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Elephant pillow

it kind of give me  some work but was able to finish it. I used a fabric bow for decoration, couldn't make the pattern for the original bow work for me.
Friday, June 1, 2018
Alrighty! Just wanted to update you. I started treatment for my thyroid last year, have been feeling better, even though it seems that ,y adrenal glands are stressed. I cannot loose much weight but i am not gaining so that's good. I try to walk 8,000 steps daily. and I continue to take my vitamins. So at this point I am kind of "stable" and that's ok. I have keep crocheting and I will upload the pictures of my work later. I hope you all are doing well. 


Sara Maria
Wednesday, May 18, 2016
ok, how are you all? I am better now! Not that better but better from I have been. I got diagnosed with Hashimoto's last year on March but before that I have been on a kind of a roller coaster of emotions,feelings and now acceptance that our lives can change in a minute and many times we take a lot of things for granted,then we get hit with a ton of bricks and we are confronted with a new reality. I have learn how to cope with anxiety,depression and all the types of illnesses and things that can come with an autoimmune condition. I might have Lupus,too. But all in all, I have my faith, my family with me and that's all I need. That's why I have just been doing some crocheting not as much crafting but was able to work on something last year. I will upload pictures later. Things have changed,not for better or worse, just changed. I had to take the time to research and learn about this condition and I have been able to at least keep the symptoms at bay. I am not cured. Autoimmune illnesses have no cure but at least I have learned to lessen some of my symptoms and for that I am thankful, still going to the doc for lab works and all that kind of things. So I will update this blog as I go. I have learned to take things one day at a time, so I now, pace myself. And that's the reason I have been away from my blog. Thanks for looking at it and wish me the best,if you pray,please say some prayers for me,too...... see you all soon  ♥
Sunday, December 21, 2014

Merry Christmas!!! and Happy 2015!!!

♪ It's the most wonderful time of the year ♪ Here  we are  again, after a half of year going on a fast roller-coaster, at least for me, going from wonderful things as becoming officially an american citizen to being told I might have Sjogren's Syndrome  and now to found out I have some thyroid condition that affects my immune system, I can only thank the Lord that i am still here as my father in law will say :still kicking and yes,I am!!    I can only count my blessings as  having my Family together,my kids on great health ,my Mom in good health and my brothers in Peru doing fine. Now I do stop and smell the flowers more often than before and try to make every moment I spend with my children a memory for them so when I am not around anymore they can remember me in the little things. life has changed,a lot but little by little I am coming to terms on what is becoming and I will do whatever it takes to keep me here a little longer. I have to admit I was scared to death of becoming gravely ill,especially because of my children, but I have accepted the fact that there is nothing under our control, never has been and never will be. Only thing we can control are our decisions to live every moment as the last one. I have learned to forgive and forget,there is nothing in this world that deserves our time wrongly spent. So here it is,to you and me, to Christmas and a wonderful Happy New Year 2015!! I hope you all   enjoy your time with your families because I tell you no matter what, after God ,Family is the only thing that is important in life,nothing less or nothing more.... Have a great Holiday season!!  Love


Some cards I made for my kid's school fair.. :)
Monday, July 7, 2014

card in a box

I made this card for my sweet sister in law, i hope she liked it.... ;)

Friday, June 13, 2014

teacher cards

this is my almost finished teacher card for this year...very proud of my kiddos accomplishments this year!!!

another year has gone.....or so it seems....

yep, another year has gone by, the kiddos are out of school so our Summer has just started... it has been a year filled with a lot of learning,challenges and fun...we'll see what our future holds but so far we are just enjoying ourselves....I made some cards and dedicated my time mostly to my children,volunteering a lot at school, still working around in little projects and looking for a part time job, it isn't easy but we'll get there.. we were busy this year, I have learned how to make different designs of the Rainbow Loom bracelets and even rings!!! I did also a season of art class ,I'll post those pics later,it has been so far a half year filled with lots of fun!!! the first pic is my version of the mason jars painted with  Modge Podge...made several and gave them to my art students, I did also had a Sunday school class,4th Grade we did several projects with them so they can remember the 10 Commandments...hopefully they will...but most important I have spent more and more time listening to my kids, not only giving instructions but listening more to their needs...and I am glad I have let it loose a little bit and started enjoying more this journey of Parenthood.I wish you all a nice Summer,too!!!! 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Teacher's cards

I made these cards for my daughter's wonderful teachers at school,they all are really great and I feel like many times their work goes under recognized... sometimes it just takes a simple thank you to boost and to make others to feel appreciated...we are enjoying our about you???  are you planning on doing something,we are not this summer so we are just enjoying it as  it comes!!!  :)

Girls on the Run

My dear daughter started this year a wonderful program named Girls on the Run, they train the girls for a 5K Run at the end of the season but also teach them working in groups and self confidence...I did the 5K Run with her and we finished!!! to celebrate the end of the season we enjoyed some food and cupcakes....and of course I made the cupcakes and their toppers!!!   :)

Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's day decor... ♥

I was trying to upload some pics on the Cricut community page to not avail, so here they are my Valentine's decor....I made it all!!!!  and please feel free to leave a comment... :)