Friday, June 13, 2014

another year has gone.....or so it seems....

yep, another year has gone by, the kiddos are out of school so our Summer has just started... it has been a year filled with a lot of learning,challenges and fun...we'll see what our future holds but so far we are just enjoying ourselves....I made some cards and dedicated my time mostly to my children,volunteering a lot at school, still working around in little projects and looking for a part time job, it isn't easy but we'll get there.. we were busy this year, I have learned how to make different designs of the Rainbow Loom bracelets and even rings!!! I did also a season of art class ,I'll post those pics later,it has been so far a half year filled with lots of fun!!! the first pic is my version of the mason jars painted with  Modge Podge...made several and gave them to my art students, I did also had a Sunday school class,4th Grade we did several projects with them so they can remember the 10 Commandments...hopefully they will...but most important I have spent more and more time listening to my kids, not only giving instructions but listening more to their needs...and I am glad I have let it loose a little bit and started enjoying more this journey of Parenthood.I wish you all a nice Summer,too!!!! 


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